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Like Seeing Your Own Family Reality On TV

Family reality Cheaper By The Dozen

Ever watched TV and felt like you were seeing your own family reality on the screen?

Cheaper By the dozen Steve Martin Dad
Cheaper By The Dozen – daddy can do it all!

Since having children, I often watch a movie or a TV series and see myself, or my family, on the screen.  It is like the camera crew was in my living room and shot scenes from our home.   It is like the writers took all his or her ideas from my own family life.  Ideas from my own family reality and just asked actors to re-enact the whole scene in front of the cameras.

Watching Parenthood

MOnica Potter Christina Braverman Parenthood
Monica Potter in Parenthood

The best example of it, and the one I will always remember is while I was watching Parenthood.  As I recounted in a previous post, that’s how I found out my daughter has Asperger’s.  It was like our family was portrayed on TV.  Felt like I was the mom trying to deal with her son.  But in real life, it was just me, a real mom, dealing with her daughter.

I will always remember how watching Parenthood changed my life.  I hear the theme song or I see one of the actors on other shows or movies and I shiver.  Not a bad shiver.  Just a shiver that helps me remember how grateful I am that this TV series ever existed.  And that I watched it when I watched it.

Parenthood Max Braverman
Parenthood scene from the episode “The Offer”

For mothers just like me, it is so refreshing and empowering to get your daily struggles for other people to see on TV. So it let me believe that, maybe, they will learn, or at least, be advised, about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from now on.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Cheaper by the dozen 2 english bulldog
Scene from Cheaper By The Dozen 2

Sure I do not have 12 kids.  Not sure I would survive for long with the energy level already existing in this house!  But some days it just feel like I do have 12 kids.  It is like we lost total control over our home, our kids and our life!   Do you feel me?

On Father’s Day, we were watching, for the Xth time, Cheaper By The Dozen.  We haven’t saw it in a while.  We always thought it was so funny.  But while I was sitting with my children and my husband on the couch, I was thinking it was looking like us on so many levels.  Sure it is Hollywood and everything is exaggerated, but it some ways it feels real.  When the dad, aka Steve Martin, is all alone with the children and he looses complete control over his bunch, that’s the best part, and the part that more looks like our real life to some extend.

Bean the frog – Cheaper By the Dozen

When you are juggling the kids, the dinner, the chores, the squabbles and you just can’t do it all.  What do you prioritize?  You ask yourself: how can you do it all?  And then, you are in this mess and just can’t see how you are going to get through it.  You need to be everywhere at the same place and that’s how parenting feels like sometimes.  I was looking at their backyard and it made me think about my own backyard, some summer days.  When it looks like a giant tornado passed by!

The Baker Kids Are The Perfect Example Of My Family Reality

The Baker kids in the movie, and its follow-up, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, are everywhere, touch

Cheaper by the dozen messy room
Feels like the real deal – Cheaper By The Dozen scene

everywhere, climb everywhere, do not follow rules or get into mischief.  And that’s how children act.  Not always, even if in some cases it happens.  But sometimes they try things out and it does not always happen as planned and it is not always such good idea from the start.  But it is life.  Kids learn from trials and errors and it will always be.  So non, you cannot control everyone and everything at every minute of the day.

Watching TV Can Be Good For The Soul

And you know what? It feels good!  It feels good for an hour or an hour and a half to feel like no parents no families, are perfect.

You often look at your neighbors, your friends or your sister-in-law and their family life seems quite perfect.  You look at pictures on social medias or in magazines and everything is at its place.  Pictures of a seemingly perfect life.  Perfectly mowed grass, perfectly dressed kids, perfectly clean house, perfect smile and everything always seems under control.  But that’s not it.  That’s not how real life is.  Behind the perfect appearances, nothing is perfect.  And when people on TV go beyond that seemly perfect front, oh I love it because I feel human.  I feel perfectly imperfect as a mom, as a wife, and my family life feels normal and real.

That’s what I call seeing my own family reality on TV!


3 thoughts on “Like Seeing Your Own Family Reality On TV

  1. Oh how I miss Parenthood. And Cheaper by the dozen is a classic. Definitely see my own family in some of these!

  2. All the mishaps of these shows are my family. lol We watch a few reality shows and I always remind myself, it’s not really reality. And yes, social media….we can put the perfect photos, the great moments, etc. What about those I DON’T PARENT moments. Our reality show wouldn’t last long. lol

    1. Maybe it would not last long but it would surely be hilarious and entertaining!!!!

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