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A Simple Way To Make Healthy Nachos That Works For The Whole Family

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A Simple Way To Make Healthy Nachos That Works For The Whole Family

Ever wonder how could you turn a not-so-healthy popular dish as good, but in a healthier version?

Everytime we eat junk food or sugary desserts we have this little voice inside of us telling us it is not the smarter choice we are making.

Everyday, everywhere, we are overwhelmed with advertising telling us to eat healthier, smarter, greener, more local, more organic, more vegan etc.

Every food we consume seems to have its downside.  Is everything we eat that bad?


Eating Healthier To Be Healthier Longer


If it was the case, our grand-parents would have never lived until 90 years old, considering they also, for the most part, smoked cigarette and had other nasty life habits.


Anyway, I am certain that what we eat has an influence on our health in general, on our energy level and our skin and on our body operating system.  I crave for fresh and healthy food.  Veggies are my favorite.  All kind of veggies, raw or cooked.  But even when we consume healthy food, we may feel like it is not good enough.  Instead of feeling guilty each time I make cookies with my children or I go to the pizza place I prefer telling myself that eating must also be fun.  You can LOVE kale or legumes, but it is not necessarily a fun experience by itself if you eat it all the time.


I tend to cut our sugar consumption and our junk food intakes on an everyday basis but we do eat some sometimes, or for special occasions.  I advocate for diversity in our eating habits.  My children choose broccoli over chocolate, but it doesn’t mean we don’t eat chocolate.


Let’s not fall in all the advertising telling us what to eat and how to eat it.  Eating fruits, even if they contain sugar, is far better than eating four pieces of cake.  The key word is moderation.  The secret is to educate yourself and those you love about healthy habits, whatever those might be.

If you eat perfectly, if perfection exists, but you do not exercise or you do drink alcohol frequently, your healthy eating habits may not compensate for your nasty ones.

Adding Healthy Food To Regular Recipes

Here is what I do with my family.  I add healthy food to regular recipes.  Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is not (and I don’t tell them if I don’t need to know!).  I bake regular brownies, but I also like to bake brownies made with white kidney beans.  They are succulent too and it is a healthier choice.  I put kale in almost every dish I cooked.  Small little tiny bites.  In soups, pastas, quinoa, rice, stir-fry etc.  I bake regular chocolate cakes, but I bake another with zucchini squashes in it.

The Healthy Nachos Recipe

My version of healthier nachos is right below.  I add all kind of healtier choices in it and my whole family really loves it.  They even prefer those to the regular salsa-cheese-sure cream version.

Healthy kids-approved nachos

  • Tortilla chips (I use the ones you can find at Costco: Que pasa organic tortillas chips by Kirkland) – they are less salty, so it is better for your coronary system!!!
  • Tomatoes, diced;
  • Kale, chopped;
  • Spinach, chopped;
  • Black beans;
  • Medium salsa;
  • Cheese, shredded;
  • Bell peppers; diced;

If you eat it as a meal, you can add meat to it.  I used one of the following options:

  1. chicken that I previously cooked, or chicken breast in small pieces, stir-fried with salt, pepper and/or spices on the stove;
  2. ground beef cooked on the stove with tacos seasoning.

On an aluminum foil or wax paper you spread the chips.  You add the meat, if there is, and the salsa.  Then you spread the vegetables (tomatoes, kale, spinach, bell peppers) and the black beans.

You just add the shredded cheese on top and cooked at 350F for about 20 minutes or so.

To know if it is ready, make sure the cheese is melt and has kind of a light golden shade.

All the ingredients above are just a guideline, you can use what you already have in your refrigerator or use your creativity to give it a twist of your own.

Guacamole, please!

Guacamole Recipe best avocados
      The Best Guacamole Recipe – I am telling you

Most of the time, I also make guacamole to go with the nachos dish.  Healthy version of nachos or not, it is alway a good (and healthy!) addition. I’ll give you my recipe in another post. Stay tuned!

Make sure to make enough of this nachos recipe, because I am telling you, it gets eaten real fast!



Bon appétit!


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