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One Big Happy Family. Is It?

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One Big Happy Family. Is It?

As you may now by know, we are a family of SIX. Six persons who need to wake up every morning.

Six mouths to feed 3 times a day, 365 days a year. Six different opinions on every subject. Six times more chances of disagreement every minute of the day.


And then I looked. I looked at family pictures hung on my walls, sitting by my bed, or on the desktop of my computer or my cell phone. In each of them we look SO perfect. We look SO happy and SO in-sync with each other. As it for an instant, or the time it took to press the camera button, the time stopped and witnessed a version of our family we don’t take the time to see in our every day life.

24 hours is never enough

We are so overwhelmed with our everyday tasks: waking-up on time, eating our breakfast fast enough, but no too fast, getting dressed and looking good or at least decent (!), being on time for school, for the day care, for work, for our meeting of the day (by the way it is not already 9 am and we are already feeling as if a whole day had passed since the alarm went on), coming back at the end of the day, exhausted and having to start our evening shift. One of our three shifts of the day.

Let’s be clear

First shift: morning (until we get at work or at school or wherever we need to be);
Second shift: daytime (work, school, daycare…);
Third shift: evening (from the moment we put our toes on the doorstep of our home until bedtime).

Picking up the kids, stopping at the grocery store, homework, dinner, shower, bedtime story, and it is already almost 9 pm and we have not yet took time for ourselves. And this is the same days after days. We don’t have time to think about ourselves and we certainly don’t take the time to look at our family from an observer point of vue.

Are we happy?

So when I stopped to look at our family pictures where we look so happy and perfect, I realized that even if we don’t look that confident and joyful every second of every day, after all we are one big happy family. I think that people looking at us when we go to Ikea or at the restaurant, are able to witness that little glimpse of that happiness that unites us. Everything is not as simple as it seems and we have our moments, our struggles and our challenges (Aspergers being one of them), but for the most part we are happy together. It is all a question of sizing the glance, the hug or the kiss on the cheek that make us one big happy family.

One big happy family? Really!

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