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Let’s review the FOREO Luna Mini

Foreo Luna Mini review

I have been using it daily for the last 3 years or so.

I can’t live without it.

I LOVE it.

I discovered Foreo by looking at a magazine.  It was not that well-known but every review I read was a rave review.  I needed something to help clear my face pores more deeply so I gave it a shot.

What about the Luna (not the mini, but the original one)?

I decided to buy the mini first because it was cheaper, but as some reviews said, it has all the main characteristics of the big one but in a more-easy-to-travel size.  It doesn’t have the massaging function, but I wanted to use it mainly as a pores cleaner.  So for me it was the best choice.

You can even buy the Luna Play and the Luna go in the same collection.

The colors

The hardest part of my buying decision was to choose the color I wanted.  So many beautiful, vibrant colors.  Which one is your favorite?

Since I bought mine a couple of years ago, the FOREO Luna collection has evolved and other modes and colors have been added.  Great additions for a more custom use.

What it does

It vibrates!  That all it does, but that is all you want it to do.  As simple as that.

There is two-size bristles.  You use the one that fits the most for your type of pores or the area you want to clean.

Most important characteristics

It is made from nonporous silicone.  No bacteria, no mold.

It is waterproof so you can use it under the shower.  Wonderful!

The cleaning cycle lasts 2 minutes in total and it gives you a signal each time it is time to switch to the next area of your face.

It comes with a USB charger. The battery lasts about 3 months if you are using it two times a day.

3 months, no kidding! It really does.  I am impressed each time I need to charge it.  Can’t remeber the last time I did it.

No cleaning head to change.  YES I am telling you! You will never have to change the head of your brush as you do with other popular brands, (which BTW can cost a lot in a year!).

It also comes with a really great guarantee. You will be worry free!

When to use it

In the morning, when you get up, before putting your moisturizer on.

Before going to bed, to remove your make-up or all the dirt your face collected during the day.

You’ll get the cleanest pores.

The first couple of weeks, you can notice an increase in acne or pimples.  Don’t worry, it is just the accumulated dirt coming off your pores.  Your face will get used to this and it will get better and then just a clean face every morning and every night!

The collection

I also have the FOREO Iris for undereyes massages.  I’ll review it in a next post.

There is a FOREO Luna for men and also a toothbrush collection (adults and children sizes).  I’ll like to git it a try one day!

For now let me tell you that the FOREO Luna Mini is one of the THE BEST beauty accessory I have ever bought!  Ladies (and even gentlemen), you need to get one of these!





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