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REVIEW – Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask

Sephora Eye mask

Does the Eye Mask from Sephora really works?

This afternoon I tried the Pomegranate Eye Mask from Sephora.

There are actually 8 different formulations at Sephora and you can also buy them online for about $5.00.  Each formulation has different care benefits.

How Sephora Eye Mask Works

First thing first. When you open the package, which is simple but cute, the first thing you notice is how the patches are wet.  Really wet.

Then, you just have to remove the protective film from each patch and apply each it under your eyes for 15 minutes and then gently massaging the product in your skin.  No need to rinse.  So preferably do it after your shower when you don’t have any make-up on and your skin is clean.

For the 15 minutes the patches are under your eyes, your skin feels super wet and there is some kind of cooling effect.  At first it feels weird but then it feels spa-like.  Love products that mimic going to the spa!

Once you remove the patches it is really easy to make the product left on your face penetrates your skin.  Just use your ring fingers for a more gentle effect.

Sephora Eye Mask Results

I felt like my eyes felt less tired and the skin under them was more smooth and toned.  Even my dark circles were less apparent.

I would certainly recommend using Sephora eye masks. And since there are multiple formulations and each of them have different properties, why not trying one of them once in a while.

In The Same Sephora Family

And there is a must: Sephora Face Masks and Sephora Sleeping Masks!   Same formulations as the eyes masks but for your entire face.  Let me try them and I’ll review them in a further post.


To buy any of the Sephora masks, just visit their website.



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