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Let’s review Sephora Smoky Eye pencil

Sephora Easy Smoky Eye review

Doing a smoky eye can be risky if you do not master it properly.

Worry no more with the Sephora Smoky Eye double-tip pencil.

I really love the smoky eye effect.  But sometimes I do not have time to properly execute it to get the wow effect.

It takes some patience, dexterity and practice to get the perfect smoky eye.

When you use eyeshadow, the powder often gets scattered under your eye as your day or evening goes by, so you are left with a black eye look, which is certainly not a good look (!!!).

I was wandering at Sephora a couple of days ago and saw this product: a smoky eye pencil with a dual tip consisting of a color stick and brush.  So easy to use.  You just have to apply the color pencil on your upper eyelid, starting from the external corner.  You apply less and less until your reach the middle of your eyelid.  Then you use the brush tip to spread the eyeshadow.  Once again, you start from the external corner of your eye.

The color will be darker on the external corner and there should be almost no color at the internal corner of your eye.  Under your eyes, you can apply just a small amount of the stick on the external half of your lower eyelashes, then spread it towards the center of your lower eyelashes with the brush tip.

All you need to complete your look is a deep coat of mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes and voilà! You have made a smoky eye with no effort and in less time it takes to just apply regular eyeshadow!


You can add pale color (white, light grey) eyeshadow on the internal corner of the eye to illuminate it;

You can also curl your eyelashes before applying the smoky eye stick to create the illusion your eyes are bigger;

Applying natural matte powder between your eyebrow and your upper lid and under your eye help to eliminate any color residue that could leave a trace later during your day (or evening).  It makes a more beautiful finish.

My ultimate trick

You had a long day at work and you are going out for the evening? No need to remove your daytime makeup and redo your whole make-up.  Just apply the Sephora Smoky Eye pencil on top of your actual make up.  It will refresh your look and make it very chic and sophisticated.

You then correct your lipstick, your blush and your concealer and you are ready in just a couple of minutes to go out and have some fun with a brand new look.

Which color suits you best?

The Sephora Smoky Eye stick comes in different shades, either in matte or metallic finish.

So let’s have fun trying different styles!



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