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How Antidepressants Destroyed My Metabolism

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How Antidepressants Destroyed My Metabolism

I knew there could be side effects of taking antidepressants, but I did not think it would affect my body so much and on the long term.

It completely destroyed my metabolism and I am really scared.

Have you ever took antidepressants? How they affect one’s metabolism can be quite scary… I am not against it, you just need to be more informed before taking it.  And too often, you are not mentally available to make researches about the pro’s and con’s of every types of antidepressants that exists.

Why Start Taking Antidepressants

We had a rough year last year (and the two years before that).  My eldest daughter was having meltdown, anxiety and aggressively episodes.  Like ALL the time.

I was forced to restraint her with my arms at least two times a day, for several minutes and up to an hour because she was a danger for others and herself (she has 3 younger siblings).

I was getting kicked, punched, bitten, thrown stuff at, all the time and in front of my other children.  They were also getting pushed, slapped and everything.  My husband and I didn’t know what we were doing wrong.

Also, she was not sleeping well.

We were seeing doctors and specialists but they couldn’t figure out what was going on exactly.

We were so tired.

Being Tired All The Time

At one point, I was so tired and did not have any opinion.  My answer was always « Whatever, I don’t care! »

I was not yes in a depression state but I was not far from getting there.  I could not jeopardize everybody else in my family because I just didn’t care anymore…

The doctor sat with me and told me he was worried I was going to fall, and hard.  So when he proposed taking some antidepressant to avoid falling, I accepted because I didn’t know what else I could do to save myself from falling apart.

So I started taking them.  I was so tired I was napping, not one or two hours a day, but more like three to four.  I had no energy.  My mood was better, but that was it.  I was not eating more or less, just felt asleep all the time for no reason.

I own my own business so there was not a chance I could take some time off to work on myself and get better.  If what not an option for me.  So I kept working for the couple hours I was awake.

Doctor, Can You Figure Out What Is Going On With Me?

We finally received the diagnosis of my daughter: Asperger’s syndrome!  That explained everything.  But she was getting older so it was harder working with her to decrease the unwanted behaviors.  It took a lot of time to see some kind of improvement.
On top of that, her school didn’t want to acknowledge her diagnosis.  So they were not giving her any help, so she didn’t want to go, so she had big meltdowns at home every mornings and every nights.  I didn’t want to seat with us to understand what was going on and they didn’t want to seat with the specialists who were helping us and our daughter.  They just didn’t believed us and thought we were bad parents.  And they even thought we were just not strict enough or good enough to get her to school every morning.

I met with my doctor.  He told me being tired was normal and that I should keep taking the meds.  He thought I was getting better.

But still I was SO tired.  From the moment I woke up in the morning I wanted to get back to sleep.  I even skipped lunch a couple of times, unable to get myself to open my eyes.

I needed to hear the school bus every afternoon, to get up and welcome back my kids home.

Antidepressants And Weight Gain

Six months after starting my antidepressants intake, there was no significant effect on my weight.  As I was getting less and less disconnected from my own life my weight started shifting upwards slowly.  At first I didn’t notice it.  But one day my pants didn’t fit anymore.

I have been walking 5 miles three to five days a week all summer long but it did not prevent my weight gain.

I even switched my antidepressants after the summer for another molecule.  It was supposed to stop the weight gain and give me more energy.  For the energy level it worked very well, but for the weight gain it didn’t stop the increase.  Seriously?!?!

My metabolism has always been good.  I had weight problems while I was pregnant (I gained a lot of weight and had lots of trouble loosing it afterwards), but that’s all.  I never checked my weight or stressed about it ever.  But now it is a whole new preoccupation for me.

I grew up in a family where checking your weight is common.  Nobody’s fat but the women around me always put too much pressure on themselves to keep a certain number on the scale.  I never did.  I have always been against it.

BTW, I’m not alone in this situation, check the links at the end to get some explanations.

When Taking Antidepressants Makes You Depressed

Nowadays, I have stopped my antidepressants for almost six months, and I can’t get my weight to shift down.  I started training more actively for the last eight months and I have always eaten healthy and clean.  But nothings works.  I added more legumes to my meals as a source of proteins, I drink my smoothies with proteins every morning. Now I have to check everything I eat as much as I didn’t before.

That explains the reason why I stopped taking my antidepressants: it got me more depressed due to my weight gain.

It was as if the world was upside down!  What was supposed to help me played a trick on me.

Why I Can’t Loose Weight

I take magnesium every morning when I wake up because it is supposed to help your liver be more effective and I drink matcha or green tea every day because it is supposed to help increase your metabolism. I also do workout 5 to 6 times a week including muscular training and cardio training.

Despite all my best efforts, nothing is working.

I had blood work done and everything was okay.

So what’s wrong with me?

Why don’t I see any change in my clothes or on the scale?

I am telling you, taking antidepressants destroyed my metabolism and I don’t know if it will ever be okay again.

I switched my mind set after stopping the pills so I am more zen nowadays and try to be back to my usual positive set my mind.

Hope everything will go back to normal in the near future.  We’ll see.



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