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“Someday I’ll Be A Princess” – Let Your Daughter Be A Princess

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My just-turned-four-year-old daughter is a princess from the bottom of her heart and her soul.

little girl princessShe has told us, since she turned 3, that when she’ll grow up she’ll be a real princess. That’s as simple as that.

A Princess In The Making

In the mid-time, she is practicing herself being a princess.  Playing dress-up is her favorite activity.

She puts make-up on by herself, like a real pro.  She walks with my high heels like she’s born with it. And yes she only wears twirling dresses.  She always borrows her big sisters dresses, because this way the dresses are long enough almost touching the floor.  She brushes her own hair and she is obsessed with princesses movies.

BTW I do not encourage girls to be over exposed to make-up or any other superficial acitivity, I just let my daughters play with make-up, dresses, crowns and jewels made for kids when it’s time to play dress-up, because it is part of what we do as women.  They see me put make-up on and dress cute when I want to.  There is nothing wrong experimenting with those when it is under an adult supervision and done in role-play situations.

Watch Out Ladies I Am A Princess Too

princess little girl dream
I have a real princess at home!

One day she is Elsa, the other day she’s Rapunzel ou any other beautiful young lady she sees in kids movies.  She looks out at strong ambitious girls reaching for their goals and knowing from a young age what they want in life.  Nothing’s perfect but with the virtue to succeed.  For her, they (those girls) all are princesses.  And one day she’ll be just like them.

The Importance Of Having Dreams

I’m amazed by her will at such a young age.  It doesn’t matter what her dream is; the fact is that she has a dream, a life goal, and she is already training and preparing herself to reach that goal.  It is wonderful to see her in action.  She has the mimics, the seriousness associated to her character.  She wears her crown, her nail polish or lipstick like a real lady.

Teaching My Girls To Be Strong Women

Girl Power

I want my daughters to feel empowered by their future, by their dreams.  I want my girls to know that nothing is impossible in life, that they can achieved whatever they want as long as they have faith and some will.  Everything may not go as they planned, but as long as they are trying to be the best version of themselves and that they are strong enough and not giving up easily, I know they are going to be wonderful women and wonderful human beings.

Always Be Yourself

My youngest daughter may not succeed at sitting on the throne one day (and that’s not the goal believe me!), but I know she is going to be a princess anyway.  She is already a fantastic young lady and she already has all what it takes to make wonder from her own life and being a good influence and role model for her own children or everyone who will cross her path one day or another.

Every Girl Is A Princess In Her Own Way

When my daughter is telling me: « One day, I’ll be a princess! » I always reply: «  Yes you will be! »







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