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Birthday Coupons – A Perfect Birthday Gift

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Birthday Coupons – A Perfect Birthday Gift

Trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your children can be either super easy or, on the other hand, harder than you expected.

Sometimes you are just so inspired or you know exactly what they need.  Other times you just don’t know what to get them.  One thing is clear: you always want to find the perfect birthday gift! Having more than a child makes finding the perfect gift for their birthday ten times harder.

Have you ever though about making birthday coupons?

Finding THE perfect idea x Number of children = nightmare!!

You can’t buy a bicycle in the middle of winter or snow skates in July.  What they actually need or would like, do not always fit with their birth date.  Birthday coupons could be the gift I have been looking for.


My Kids Do Own Too Much Stuff, Literally


As you already know, I have four kids.  Having three daughters, it seems like they already have everything girls need in this house.  When it is the youngest’s birthday, she already has the bicycle, the  toys or Barbies her sisters used to play with.  Yes she also received new stuff in between but she already have almost 3 sets of everything.  Having just one boy make it easier when trying to find original gift for him.


For the last years, since my kids are big enough to choose what theme they would like for their birthdays or what they would like to get, my husband and I tend to encourage them to ask for bonding activities or gift certificates (iTunes, amusement center, waterpark etc.).  We are trying to educate them about not having to own too much material, and not so needed, stuff.  Why would they need an Xth Barbie doll or some toy they will only use it for a couple of weeks at most?


What To Get My 8-year-old Daughter For Her Birthday

When it is your kid’s birthday you have to consider what your child wants, what your child really needs, what your budget allows and lots of other things.


Take My 8 year-old Daughter For Example

She wanted:

  • new running shoes: she asked my in-laws;
  • some new clothing (like she did’t already have enough!): she asked her aunt;
  • a new lunchbox: she asked her best friend.

And then I looked at other options:

  • A bicycle: she got one last year;
  • Roller skates: hers still fit;
  • all of the above: she already asked other people…

So what’s left for us, her parents?  A puppy (yeah right she actually asked for one, but sadly her younger sister is allergic), a kitten, a bunny, a frog (she really asked for these too!), an airplane ticket, and all kind of things we won’t buy or cannot buy.


Birthday Theme

As usual, I started with a theme.  This year my girl asked for a Moana birthday party.  I am not overdoing nor overthinking the theme thing.  I just use it for inspiration for the invitations and the cake.


We, me and my daughter, made her friends’ invitations using the Moana characters and colors.  Then, I bought a Moana figure as a cake topper.  This year, the cake would actually be cupcakes, so I am using Moana main colors for the frosting.  Her friends will also received an Hawaiian flowers style necklace upon their arrival.  Enough with the theme now.  Invitations, cake and necklaces is enough to get in the Moana spirit.


That’s what helped me finding the perfect idea for her birthday gift.  I am really proud of my idea!




I Made The Perfect Gift For My Daughter’s Birthday


At home, things are kind of heavy most of the times.  With 4 kids and an Asperger’s daughter, I know for a fact that my little 8 year-old has a hard time finding her place in our family scenario most days.  We are really trying to give her all the attention she needs but it never seems to be enough for her.


What She Likes The Most

With her family’s struggle, my little miss really, I mean really, really, loves above all, is spending time with myself or her dad by herself.  Being alone with your parents is kind of rare and special in a party of six.


When I came out with idea of making birthday coupons, my husband totally approved.  Instead of buying my 8-year-old stuff she does not actually need, I decided that creating those ‘Birthday Coupons’ which she could use in the next months, was the perfect gift for her birthday.


Making Birthday Coupons

I started my creation with a template for business card (using Mac OS Pages app).

Then, I copy-paste Moana pictures I found and placed them on the logo spot.  Instead of business information I put the
following text: “BIRTHDAY COUPON – This coupon is good for…”

Some Example

This coupon is good for…

… a dessert treat at the restaurant of your choice with your loving mom;

… an one-hour bicycle ride with your so strong daddy;

… a girly activity with your so perfect mommy;

… a meal at a restaurant with your handsome dad;

… an afternoon fun paddle boarding with you favorite mommy;

… a fishing afternoon with the coolest dad of them all;

And so on.


No all activities you put on the coupons have to cost you money.  A picnic, an afternoon playing at the park, paddle boarding are fun things to do with your child, that won’t wreck your finances.  And you can decide which activities to pick according to your child’s preferences.


And actually, birthday coupons are the most personal gift a parent can give his or her children!



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