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My cat must have Asperger syndrome!

Cats Asperger Kathy Hoopmann book review

I needed to learn about Asperger syndrome and FAST!

When I suspected my eldest child was having Asperger, I started getting information about the until-then unknown to me subject.  I searched the internet, I was screening every title on Amazon, I read blog sites, I watch videos on YouTube.  As I always do when I am looking to learn something about a subject, I searched everywhere I could all the information I could get about the subject.  When I would see my child’s psychiatrist, I would not look like a complete idiot, and I would already know the terminology of specific-related words and I could be asking question about stuff I learned while doing my oh-so-exhaustive research.

THE book that catch my attention

I searched the local library, but nothing could catch my attention. The books there were not about children specifically nor about girls or the books seemed too scientific or too serious.  I was looking for something less formal.  I wanted information, sure, but something that looked also interesting and more easy-going.  Not some book that would make that diagnostic even more harder to accept and to understand.  I was looking for a mommy-friendly book.  One day I was searching on Amazon and then I found it.  The perfect book.  Not so much a mommy book, but a child-and-mommy friendly book.  A book that uses great pictures to explain the subject in addition to short and concise text.  An easier approach for a more serious subject.  That’s the book I used to let my child knew about her condition. She instantly felt in love with this magnificent book: All cats have Asperger syndrome*.

All about the pictures

The author, Kathy Hoopmann, uses adorable cats pictures to illustrate the specific characteristics of  people with Asperger syndrome.  I am telling you, it is a must-have book for anybody with Asperger to understand what it is exactly and for people having Asperger people around them.  My daughter was so proud to finally learn what was going on with her that she kept the book by her sides for the following couple of days.  She even brought it to her psychiatrist, who fell in love with the book herself and bought it too.

The parallel

It is really well done.  Simple. Efficient.  Beautiful.  And it really helps associating Asperger with cats’ behaviors.  It makes it so realistic, and common.  Everyone that owns a cat can relate to the specific comportments described.  Kathy Hoopman succeeds in using humour to explain the challenges a child with Asperger syndrome can face.  The parallels with the cats is such a good idea and grasps our attention from the first page.  Even the cover pictures is inviting.

Cat lover

I look at my daughter who is an absolute cats lover.  She loves to play with cats and since her young age, she has always told us that our cat understands her like nobody else does.  After reading the book, I knew what she was talking about.  In a certain way, they both complete each other and they both tend to the same things.  Their attitude is alike in a million different ways, which is hard to explain to someone no witnessing their kind of invisible link.  She even explained Asperger to her classmates using the cat parallel.  They even responded better when Asperger syndrome was explained through the animal’s behaviors.

Let me tell you the secret

I would certainly recommend this book.  It is super easy to read.  No complicated words.  Stright to the point with humor and examples.  Also, as a human, you grow from understanding what the people having Asperger syndrome go through in their everyday life.  We can often judge those people according to their comportement which often look weird from an outsider point of view. In fact it all can be easily explained.  It is not all black or white.  Asperger people’s attitudes may be overwhelming sometimes, but it may hide their most precious assets.  They have multiple talents and can be really creative people. My daughter is so funny and passionate.  It is indescribable.  You want to know the secret? Learn to speak their own specific “language” and adjust to it, you will be amazed. Communicating with people different from us is such a gift that we too often neglect.

From the same author

Another book about Asperger syndrome, from the same author, is called Inside Asperger’s looking out.  I also bought it and will review it in a further post.

For people with ADHD, from the same author,  you can also buy All dogs have ADHD.  A touching way to compare ADHD behaviors with the behaviors of men’s best friend.

Let’s discuss

If your child as Asperger syndrome?  Do you know someone with Asperger syndrome? How hard as it been for you to accept your child’s diagnostic? Do people around you understand what you are going through as a parent?  How is it at school?  Don’t be afraid of asking questions or commenting below.  I think the best way to accept the challenge we were given and to let the world knows about Asperger syndrome is to talk about it and to educate other people about it.  Don’t feel judged by other, but instead feel as you are being misunderstood by them.

The author

HOOPMAN, Kathy (2006). All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome. London, UK and Philadelphia, PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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