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How Watching Parenthood Changed My Life For Better or For Worse

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I didn’t know a TV series could change my life forever… Parenthood opened my eyes on our own family drama.

When I watch TV, I like cops and doctors drama, (hello Chicago franchise!)  but what I love the most is family drama. Not too much drama, but just enough, with romance in between.  Growing up I watched Gilmore Girls, Friends and One Tree Hill.  It the past years I watched Prison Break (thanks to Netflix), CSI, House M.D. and many others. Since my kids are not with me all day long during weekdays anymore, I tend to watch a bit of TV while I am on the treadmill or when I am doing basic business accounting, which is kind of boring.  This way I feel less alone and it keeps my mind out of thing.  That’s how I discover the precious TV gem that is Parenthood.

Learning Your Child Has Asperger’s

The D-Day

One day, in the spring, I can remember it like it was yesterday, I started watching Parenthood. I didn’t know anything about the series except that it was a family saga and that it starred the fabulous Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Bad Santa, The Pacifier).  As I was listening to the TV more than watching it, something catched my attention.  A young kid named Max and his unusual behavior.  I could not work anymore.  I was captivated by what was going on in front of me on the screen.  I could see the reflect of my own life.  It was like someone came at our house and made a TV series out of it.  How was it possible?  I had never felt this way before.

Can’t get enough

So I watched one episode, an another, an another again until it was time to pick up the kids.  I think that I didn’t even had lunch that day.  I became obsessed with the show.  I wanted to know more about it, to know what would happen.  Sure the series is pretty good in itself and I enjoyed every season of it afterwards, but the most important thing is that it opened my eyes on some condition I didn’t even knew about: Asperger’s syndrome.

Searching For More

Learning about Asperger’s syndrome made me super curious about the subject.  I wanted to learn about it as quickly as possible.  Could my new found theory be true?  Could my daughter who had a severe ADHD could also has Asperger’s? I didn’t know but I was anxious to talk to her therapist about it the next week.

The therapist told me it could be possible but she couldn’t be sure and that we needed to run some tests first.

Six months later, we had a provisory diagnostic and a couple of months later it was confirmed.  My daughter had a severe ADHD and Asperger’s too.  Nothing showed up when we talked or looked at her but it was there.  And my maternal’s instinct was right.

Hearing The Theme Songs Gives Me Goose Bumps Everytime

Parenthood is not one of my favorite show of all time because it showed Asperger’s and made me realized about it in my own life, it is a good show because the characters are deep and so realistic.  Also the story is beautiful and you cannot watch this show without wanting to be a part of the Braverman family.

Asperger’s Syndrome From Personal Experience

Parenthood changed my life forever so I will always have a special place in my heart for the creator, Jason Katims, and the actors.  Katims’ own son as Asperger’s so I think that’s what make the storyline so close to reality.  Also, Max Burkholder is such a terrific actor even at such a young age.  You cannot believe he doesn’t have Asperger’s himself until you see him in another role. It is really impressive how good he is.

I would have found out eventually about my own reality without that series, but learning my own truth while watching such a great TV show was like having some friends telling me: look at us, it is hard most of the time but it will be worth it at the end.  Keep going.  It made me see what the disorder was all about for young children and how with efforts and profound love, every hard situation can turned out to be stunning.

I was profoundly sad when the show ended.  It was like I was left alone to deal with my daughter’s diagnosis.  No more alternative reality to escape every week making me feel better about the whole situation.

Not Just Asperger’s

The show is certainly not just about Asperger’s.

It shows the ups and downs of a multigenerational family.  It talks about love, relationships, friendship, but it also addresses single-parenting, illness, trust, teenagers and parental issues, siblings and couples and parenthood.  In short, it focusses on everything a family faces or goes through and so much more.

The cast is great, the storyline even better.  You gotta watch Parenthood, I am telling you.

If you know someone with Asperger’s or want to know about it, or if you simply want to watch a great series I strongly recommends Parenthood, you cannot be deceived.


Note: Read this article where Jason Katim is interviewed as the series was ending. If I didn’t convince you of watching it, this article will :o)

Just to tease you, clips you may want to watch on Youtube:


Family moments:


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    1. Thank you that’s so sweet! It played a huge part in our life and I will always be thankful for this show and its storyline on ASD.

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