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I Want You To Stop Driving Me Nuts

best husband

There are many things I want you to stop doing.

I want you to stop doing things that drive me crazy.  And I am not asking for much.  What I am doing is just asking for some understanding and some collaboration, sometimes.  But there are things I wish you will never stop.  Not even for a second.  Sometimes when you drive me nuts, it is not a bad thing.

You Are Driving Me Crazy At Home

roadtrip, best husband
Driving around is never boring   when you’re by my side

I would want to say I just want you to stop bitting your nails, swearing when you hit your toes or being impatient with the kids when you are tired (or when they are tired).  Also, I would want you to stop not listening to what I say and making me repeat myself over and over again, because you always says you missed the whole point. In fact it is not because you didn’t understand my words,

best daddy
Having fun, wherever, whenever.

but because you saw a squirrel in a tree and switch your attention to it!  Another thing I would like is for you to stop your bad habit of leaving your dirty socks all over the place (but mostly on the sofa).


Something else, I’d want is for you to stop thinking everyone else is doing better than we do, that every other family is far better

best daddy
Always there to catch us!

than ours.  Sure we have had, and still have, our experiences of complicated and flood of tears challenges over the last couple of years (think about dealing with Asperger’s with a capital A, on a daily basis, just for an example).  But we are not better nor worse than any other families.  And I can say, proudly that we are a really loving, compassionate, supportive and tightly tied unit.  And that, my dear, we succeeded on our own creating this perfectly-imperfect environment for our children.


You Are Driving Me Crazy At Work

Working with your husband can be fun but it can also be a pain in the a** sometimes.  You often

apples, best dad
Who needs a ladder when picking up apples?

feel obligated to answer the phone like NOW, or answer to any text messages or emails as soon as they bip in your phone.

You also get all your husband’s frustrations generated by employees, co-workers or clients, almost instantly.

So I could say I would want you to stop calling me as soon as you are alone in your truck, or when you are mad about everything or anything, but I am not.  I love hearing your voice missing me in the middle of the day as a matter of fact! I could also say I’d want you to stop putting more pressure on me than you do with any other person in the office.  But mostly, I could tell you to stop seeing the dark side of everything.  To just enjoy what you have, what we have, and how lucky we are to have the opportunity to work together.  And also to appreciate that we are the ones making our rules, our schedule, or decide our priorities.

I Love You Just The Way You Are

best husband
Always by my side, even when times are tough

But what I forgot to say is that I don’t want you to ever stop making jokes, being a good daddy and a good husband (remember, we should have failed).

Also, don’t stop being there for me when I need it, or opening jars I can’t.  Never stop having fun, being young at heart and working so hard for your loved ones.

Please keep fighting for what is right for our children or what you believe in.  Keep being kind and nice to everybody you meet.

Do not forget to keep seeing the world as you do and letting your imagination and creativity running your thoughts.  You are smart and funny, but also brave and adventurous.

Above everything else, please never stop making me laugh because despite everything, you are my best friend!  Love you xx

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