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DIY – Sensory Bottles Are Fun To Make. Try It.

Sensory bottles

Having a child with sensory issues, called sensory processing disorder, brought me in a whole new world.

I did not even know that sensory processing disorder existed at first.  It made me understand why certain people do not eat certain types of food based on texture, or why my daughter only wants to wear comfy clothes.  Wait until you read about sensory bottles.

Sensory Tools For Every Need

I discovered fidgets, sensory bottles, heavy blankets, tangles, heavy stuff animals… I decided to go Pinterest on this and create sensory tools by myself.  It can be a blast and the whole family can participate in this activity.  You look at what exists on the market and then you let your creativity do the rest.

The first thing I tried was making a sensory bottle!  It is beautiful and I use it non only for my Aspergers daughter but for the whole family.

Look at it! (video here)

It can help a child relax (or an adult) and it is beautiful when the light goes through.

You can also use whatever you want in it so it get personnalized to each person.

I use it as a time-timer.  When one of my child is in timeout, I shake the bottle ad the timeout stops once the bottle is clear again.  Or I use it when they brush their teeth.

How To Make A Sensory Bottle

First you need an empty clear plastic bottle.  You got to wash it thoroughly and let it dry completly.  It there is watter left, even just a drop, it won’t work.

I am using Voss bottle.  They are perfect.  You can also use traveling soap or shampoo bottles to make travel sizes friendly sensory bottle.  They are the cutest.

So let me be specific:

  • An empty clear and washed/dried water bottle (not to big so you child can manipulate it without droping it);
  • Baby oil (I use cheap one from the Dollar store);
    A sensory bottle using loom bands

  • Glitter and sparkles or sparkling glue;
  • All other stuf you want in it: legos, small rubber band used for bracelets, shiny confetti you use on weeding table for example, tiny color colorful pompons, or any other shiny and/or colorful objets that won’t get destroyed by the oil.  That’s where your imagination is useful.
  • A glue gun and sticks.
Sensory bottle – Shake it!              You can never shake it enough!

You can do thematic bottles and try doing some using differents objets.  But don’t forget to use glitters and sparkles.  You need more of them because it is what stays in suspension the most.

You put everything in the bottle and shake it to see the effect.  Make sure you do not full the bottle all the way so you have a little air space at the top.

If you are satisfy with the result, put hot glue in the lid of the bottle and screw it thight.

You are then ready to be amazed!

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