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TANTRUM – Top 5 Case Scenarios You Would Like To Avoid

tantrum kids

Having children is one of life miracle.

children tantrumsThey make you proud, they make you cry , they make you laugh.  But they also make you want to just vanish sometimes.  Other times, they have so much attitude, you’d led them crawl right back inside for a moment.

Tantrum At The Supermarket

The most common tantrum outside of your home, is mostly when running errands.

You don’t want to buy candies at the corner store = TANTRUM;

You refuse your child food you haven’t paid for yet while at the supermarket =  TANTRUM;

You require they stay seated in the shopping cart = TANTRUM;

Not buying any ice cream today = TANTRUM.


One of the biggest and impressive tantrum I got was in the supermarket.  I was like 7 months pregnant and my oldest child was in the little car section of the shopping cart (the add-on section for young children where they have a wheel mimicking driving a toy car).

Getting Naked

It was winter time so my child had a winter jacket on.  In the middle of an aisle there was one tiny little boot, then a little sock in addition to a shirt.  It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was my kid’s clothes.  When I succeeded bending over (FYI big belly in the way) I saw my own child, all naked!!! I am telling you, she was in her underwear only!  Oopsy!


Took me forever to dress her back with my giant belly in the middle of the supermarket (nice people were bringing me all of her scattered clothes!), only to realize later she undressed herself one more time.  Smart as she has always been, she kept her clothes in the car that time. No suspicion! She became a master at hidding her acts from that day.

Tantrum At The Museum

One day we were at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences with all 4 children.  Our youngest was two at that time.  We were having so much fun looking at all the dinosaure’s skeletons.   Suddenly, my baby decided she did not want to look at the dinosaures anymore.  So in the middle of a section showing all kinds of petrified wood (which is really beautiful and impressive btw) she decided it was a good place to throw a tantrum.  Not only did she started crying and screaming, she also was on the

petrified wood Houston Museum of Natural Sciences
Petrified wood (Houston Museum of Natural Sciences)

floor, in the middle of the room entrance (everybody who wanted to come in this section of the exhibition needed to either walk around her or step over her). You know the drill.


No need to say my husband was so embarrased by the whole situation.  For me, the mother, I was kind of used to those situations ( I still am) so I did not really care.  I just waited for it to be over.


Perhaps, since she is my fourth child, I became kind of an expert in ignoring those displays of attention-seeking behaviors!  Just saying…

Tantrum At The Park

Needless to say that when your child decides to throw a tantrum in front of other families it is kind of embarrassing most of the times.  You are always at risk of having another parent getting involved without prior notice and giving you unwanted parenting advice!


I am not doing it when your child is involved so why on Earth would you want to include yourself in my own family crisis?


Let me tell you, daycare, school, parks, restaurants are all kind of unwanted places for anger outbursts.

Tantrum In A Line-Up

Tantrum can occur everywhere.  At anytime.  So even if you need to be prepared for every eventuality, it is hard, most of the time, to prevent it.  When you child is throwing a tantrum when standing in a line, there is really not much you can do.  You can not take your kid outside; you can not Tantrum girl mad
go in a quiet place to calm him down; and most of the time you can not quit your spot in the line (imagine when you go to see Santa and you’ve been in line for more than an hour and suddenly your sweet little angel decides he doesn’t want to be there any longer!! I’ve been there!).


That’s one of the rare moment when you are sure everybody will look at you and judge you on how you are dealing with the whole tantrum situation.  Be prepared to stay calm, to be unaffected by others and to take control (as much as you can) of the whole thing.  The worst part is when they run away from you and you have your other children with you: you’re like stuck in the whole dilemma to go after your runaway, keep your place in line or make sure you won’t leave your other kids behind all alone.


I’ve been there more often that I can remember; it will happen to you one day or another, believe me!

Tantrum After A 3-Hours Drive

You know you want to be a good caring parent, and you also like pleasing your children with special activities from time to time.


You know the drill, we have all been there one day in our life as parents.  You drive longer than usual because you want to bring the whole family to a special place (which can be the zoo, Disney parks, the water park or anywhere else), and where it costs you more than you usually pay to get it.  The place where you hope, all family members will smile and be happy for a whole day.  You’ve seen the brochures, and you’ve seen the TV ad.  How could you not have a great family time altogether, all the ingredients to have a good time are there.

tantrum kids

And then the most unpredictable thing happens

You drove a long way, you paid the parking, you paid the admission of every single member of the family and after the wait to get in, you are finally there, ready to start your marvelous day.


But one your family tiny member suddenly decides he doesn’t want to be there after all.  He decides that your super plan is not that super and that he would prefer to go back home or eat at McDonald’s instead.  Be honest we have all been there.


And then without any warning he starts screaming, crying, kicking, throwing things.  Do not mistake it for an autism meltdown because it is not.  It is a just a simple plain opinionated anger outburst for no apparent reason.  You have two choices: going back home and waste everybody else day (and your money) or put your supermom’s or superdad’s invisible cape on and deal with it.

Be A Superhero

Sure people will look at you, and you will also miss some attractions maybe.  But you can’t let your child ruin your day and your spirit.  A tantrum usually does not last very long.  Be patient, be strong and you will see, everything will (or at least should) go back to normal.  By cutting some kind of a deal with your furious offspring, you should be able to calm him down. By deal I mean letting him choose the next ride/animal/whatever.  Or promise him a snack you carefully brought or intended to buy if he behaves well for like an hour.  It should be long enough to make him forget about the whole tantrum in the first place.


Getting The Stroller Wet On Purpose

Once we brought our Asperger’s daughter to a mall while we were on vacation.  We did not know about the whole Asperger’s situation back then.  The mall was huge and at least one hour away from the place we were staying.  We had a 2 month-old baby in the stroller too.  Our daughter decided she did not want to be there for some reason.  By the way, that was not an autistic meltdown.  Instead it was one of her multiple tantrum when she was not getting what she wanted… those terrible two years…


So to make sure we would go back home, she peed in the stroller.  She was smart enough to think it would work.  My husband almost fell for it.  But I decided she would not manage our day and that she needed to go along.  I went at Gap, bought her some clothes and then washed her in the bathroom and changed her clothes.  We rinsed the stroller, put something on the wet patch and we were all good to go.  The tantrum stopped once she saw we would not give up.


A Tantrum For A Yes Or For a No

Here are some case scenarios where your child is likely to throw a tantrum.  Don’t worry, every situation can trigger one.  Even if you want to avoid or prevent it, it will happen at some point. It is important fr your child’s development.  So man up and keep calm, it will be easier to get through.


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