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Don’t Mess With A Supermom


I cannot fly like Superman but I sure can kick some ass if I need to.

I want my kids to be able to defend themselves when they need to.  I don’t want them to just wait after their parents to take a stand.  I remember when I was young and some friends’ moms were always interfering with us playing.  They didn’t want their precious offspring to lose at any games we played.  So their tactic was to terrorize the other kids so they would let their poor little ones win every single games.  I don’t wanna be this mother.  But I sure wanna make sure my kids are treated fairly and nicely.  So watch out, because I’m a Supermom and I can be a badass if I need to ;o)

Badass Mom To The Rescue

I will always be there when my children are going to need me.  And I am there for every boo-boo, every sorrow, every victory or every step along the way.  My kids used to go to another school.  With my daughter Asperger’s, they made us live in hell for a year.  The insulted of abilities as parents, they did not believe any doctor and specialist working with our child.  And the worst of all, they did not took the time to assist my daughter’s needs.

supermomShe was suffering from the inside.  We were suffering too and our other children were suffering as well.  It was the worst year of our lives.  But we fought.  We didn’t yell at people at school, we didn’t insult them, we didn’t threaten them.  In short, we didn’t treat them anywhere close to the way they treated us.  We outsmarted them and we finally won the right to switch school.  The most important thing is that we never give up, and continued to aim to what we thought our kid deserved.  It is certainly one of the best decision we ever made as parents.  And it was hard.  But we finally did it.

My Superpowers

I am a mom.  So by definition I have a series of superpowers.  Let’s say I can change a diaper in an airplane or speak on the phone, correct a math homework and cook at the same time!  My superpowers are unlimited.

Having 4 kids make me, most of the time, a super courageous supermom out there!  No kidding.  Some days I feel like I have 3 pairs of arms, 12 eyes, and 8 brains.  One superpower I would like to have is being an octopus.  It would be so practical.  Can you imagine? Being able to do everything at the same time, without having the kids to wait until my only two hands are free again.  In addition to being an octopus, I’d like to have some “go-go-gadget” arms like Inspector Gadget does.  How great would it be?  A gold mine for sure!


I would never have to run around the house.  Baby wants a bottle “go-go-gadget-arms”; Need to re-heat my coffee for the third time “go-go-gadget-arms”; The kids didn’t shut the front door “go-go-gadget-arms”!  How cool would it be?  Because we all know that each time we (finally) sit down, we absolutely need to get up as fast.  We just never catch a break.  I’d like to rock my baby while my other arms are folding the laundry and the other set is relaxing with a great book.  Seriously I don’t want to be at different places at the same time because I want to enjoy all the good moments as much as I can. But I just need to remind my brain to shut up once in a while to enjoy the present moment and forget the other stuff that need to be done.

Superwoman, Cat Woman, Black Widowsupermom

Superwomen are everywhere these days.  Love seeing strong, independent women ruling the world.  But we often forget that the greatest superheroes are amongst us.  I am in a Facebook group called “Autism Supermoms”.  Each day, I read testimonies from autism moms all around the world.  They are not just supermoms, they are superwomen, who live a life they would have never imagined.  They sacrifices themselves for their special need children.  And it is not an easy life I can tell you.   I can vouch for them, I am one of those moms.

Reading about their own lives, struggles and joys, make me feel less alone in my own struggles.  We are all there for one another and support each other, and this is priceless.  We are often judged and misunderstood as autism moms, so being part of a group of moms who go through the same challenges is so liberating and comforting.

What Are Your Superpowers?

I feel that being a mom is one of the great privilege in life. And I wanna do my best to do it right, even when I don’t know the answer.  One of my favorite thing to repeat myself is “Be the Supermom your kids deserved!” You do not have to be perfect, just be there, love them and care for them.

Everyone of us is special in a million different ways.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  I’d like to know about YOUR superpowers?  Why are you a Supermom (or Superdad)?



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