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The Art Of Being An Octopus Mom

octopus mom motherhood asperger's ADHD

You’ve been there.  I know. Welcome to the wonderful journey of being an octopus mom!

If you are a mom, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Everyone, including your spouse, needs you, at the same moment, for different reasons.  All the time.  Every time!  Some days I feel like I should definitely clone myself!  Since science does not propose this scientific advance just yet, then I have to rely on my octopus mom qualities.  We, women, as we become moms, transform ourselves into some mystic creatures.  We all know the octopus mom exists but we are still waiting to see her live, in action, with all her six arms moving in different directions.  Now you think I don’t know an octopus has eight arms, but believe me when I am telling you that in fact it has two legs and six arms.  I would be happy right now with six arms, if I get to keep my two legs!

Why My Kids All Need Me At The Same Time?

Have you ever wonder why your toast always falls on the buttered side when you drop it, or why your gas tank is always empty when you are running late?  Why do your kids always get sick when you are all alone and the car is broken down?  You know I am right!  Then, you should not wonder why when one child needs you, the other ones will need you too.  At the same exact time.  For me, it is all a question of synchronicity.  As I told you in another post, everything happens for a reason.  So you wouldn’t be a real octopus mom is your octopus faculties were not put to the test daily.

For some unknown reason, you have to prove you’re up to the challenge every single day.  Being a mom is so much fun, but it can also be pretty exhausting.  I had my share of exhausting moments in the past and I still have, and that’s when being an octopus mom comes in handy.   You become this kind of master of doing everything at the same time.  This super human being able to start the dinner, do homeworks with the kids, change a diaper and clean a mess almost simultaneously.  That’s right!  Here go super mom again.  Are you still doubting that you have six arms?  You shouldn’t.

octopus mom motherhood asperger's ADHD

Octopus Mom, Pro’s And Con’s

There are lots of fun stuff about being an octopus mom, but on the other hand it is also very demanding.  As a mom, by definition, you feel compelled to answer all your child’s requests and needs, but sometimes, you just need to stop the act.  You do not want to get yourself exhausted from all this.

One thing I find essential being a mom is being able to adjust, to adapt, to every situation (as much as I humanly can).  Sure it cannot be perfect all the time, but the more I can adapt and adjust myself to the unexpected in my daily life, the more I am able to do the same once there are curved balls thrown at me, or bigger challenges along the way.

Adjust and Adapt

In my honest opinion, I think that this is exactly what helped me in the past 4 years, when I was going through the hard stages of my mom’s life.  And I know now that being able to juggle work, the kids, my husband, my obligations and everything, got me through this.  I needed to adjust all the time.  I needed to adapt daily, almost hourly.  Being an octopus mom kept me going when I thought everything would fall apart.

You do not need to be surrounded with ADHD or Asperger’s and octopus mom motherhood asperger's ADHDautism to be put to the test.  Just look at how everything is going so fast these days.  With technology, it seems that everyone wants everything right now.  The immediacy of Internet has really changed our world, our perceptions and how we connect and interact with one another.  Patience is a virtue that just disappeared from our lives.  How many times do I open my cell phone, daily, to look at some info I would have normally waited days or months to get?  Every question you ask yourself you can google it.  I love this.  Very much.  Believe me.  But at the same time, it creates a bigger need for immediacy.  So it all becomes an endless wheel.  And our kids are born in this new reality.  So once again, we need to adjust and adapt in order to survive, because they do not know the “before Internet era” like we do.

Being An Octopus Mom Is This Helpful?

Sure it can be super helpful and efficient to use all your six arms at the same time, all the time, but remember that everything is better in small doses.  I know I will never stop being an octopus mom, because afterall, my kids will continue to ask for my help all at the same time, it won’t change.  But I am also trying to put less pressure on myself.  I cannot juggle everything perfectly all the time.  It is unnecessarily exhausting and stressful.  Life is stressfull enough already.

Believe me, I love my superpower, just wish I could turn it OFF sometimes!  Above all, it helps me being there for my four kids, and juggling with our crazy daily life.  So being an octopus mom, in my life, is a must-have.

If you do not have kids already, you’ll be prepared!

And for all those octopus dads out there and fellow octopus moms, cheers!

8 thoughts on “The Art Of Being An Octopus Mom

  1. Very true, as mother we really need to be able to adapt to all these changes. I tell my husband so many times that when i was younger i didnt have this much access to technology, social media etc but now its everywhere so we need to let go of the past and adjust to this new era in order to be successful

    1. You are so right! Adjusting is the best thing we can do to stay up-to-date with our children.

  2. There are never enough hours in the day !!!

  3. Being a mom is hard and exhausting…and wonderful and fantastic! Keep up the good work fellow ☺

  4. Raised 6 kids. Often felt like that. We learn to master the octopus

    1. Wow 6 kids! Pretty impressive!!!! With four I have my arms full like all the time! Cheers to you!

  5. Having many young kids myself, I know what you mean. Good post keep going

    1. Thank you! There are so many of us out there 🙂

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