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Does Gratitude Still Exist Nowadays?

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 Gratitude is the act of appreciation.  How can we keep it from slipping away?

It seems that nowadays, everybody take everything for granted.  People expect everything from everyone.  Thank you is such a word in distress.  People do not ask you for something, they order you something.  Even individuals you do not even know expect you to meet their standards right away.  No please, no thank you.  Being thankful, grateful and kind is it still possible? Gratitude is something we should do on a daily basis.  It is so important.

Thank You Is The Magic Word

I remember my grand-mother asking us for the magic word when she was helping us, or when we asked her for something.  And I remember her explaining to us why courtesy, respect and thankfulness were so important.  “People will be less likely to help you out if you are not grateful when they do help you out”.  And every now and then she had to remind us about the magic word. The simple magic word that is “Thank you”.

And I have always use this magic word.  Somebody is opening me the door, I smile and I thank him.  My mom is babysitting my children, I make sure to thank her for doing so.  If my husband takes care of me while I’m sick, or cook the dinner, I will be glad to thank him!  Why is it so hard for people to thank people these days?

Teaching My Kids Gratitude

Without even thinking about it, I have taught my kids, from their first breath, to say thank you all the time.  It is so simple, so easy to say, and it brings joy to the person who receives it.

Every year, before the Holidays, my children and I are making cookies to thanks their teachers and wish them a wonderful holiday break.  At the end of the year, we are offering them something that we are making, some DIY craft, to thank them for the awesome school year.  I hand write a personal message to each of their teachers to thank them.  These little gestures teach my kids what being grateful means and show them how they can express it in different situations.

Having a child with Asperger’s remind me daily to constantly teach my children all those little gestures and words that can have a great impact on others.  I think I am doing a great job because my little one says thank you all the time or I love you, to express how grateful she is.  She is growing up in a house where we put emphasis on this and she just started saying it by herself as soon as she started talking.

Gratitude On Social Medias

gratitude gracefulBeing grateful can be expressed in every life situations.  Someone picks up the toy your child just dropped, be grateful.  A lady let you go first in the line at the grocery store because you are just buying a few products, be thankful.

Another place you can be grateful is on social medias.  I am writing my blog and someone takes the time to write a nice comment below, replying is the least I can do.  I am grateful they took their time to read my stuff.

You just reached a followers milestone on Instagram? Why not post a photo with a message showing your appreciation.  These little thoughts will make your followers feel special.  Everybody likes to be acknowledged from time to time.

Creating good relationships on an off the web starts with being respectful of people you are dealing with.  You do this at your job and in your family.  And you should also do this in your neighborhood.

Where Kindness Is Omnipresent

Me and my family have been traveling North America for the last few years.  We discovered that people living in small suburbs tend to be so much more kind and thankful than in big cities. States and cities living the southern lifestyle are so down to earth, polite and nice.  Most people there use “hi”, “thank you” or “sorry” quite often.  It makes you feel welcomed and appreciated.  Texas is a good example of that.

On the other hand, when you are in New York city, people are such in a hurry, that they often forget you exist.  It is hard to get someone to open the door for you when struggling to get inside a building with your stroller.  The same thing applies to Montreal.  If you go to Boston, it is another story.  People are there for one another.  Once I was all lost and was trying to find my way using a good old map.  Three strangers, one after the other, came to help me out.  I didn’t ask for it, they just assumed I needed help.

You Are Grateful, Write It Down

Being grateful helps you point out what is important in your life and what is not.  It also helps you figuring out who are the people you want in close proximity.  You can also realized you are grateful for your job, your health, your life and mainly your family.

Writing it down in a journal is another way to help you focus on how grateful you are for the things you have.  Too often we take what we have for granted.  We shouldn’t.  Nothing is granted in life and everything can disappear in just a second.  Remember that.

Gratitute Should Run The World

Why some people refuse to be thankful or grateful?  Why people don’t teach their kids how to be nice with others or to appreciate what they have or what others do for them?  If we want our world to get better, to avoid wars and wickedness, to stop over consumption in our lives, why not start with a simple act of gratitude!



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4 thoughts on “Does Gratitude Still Exist Nowadays?

  1. Yes, gratitude is SO important. It is a sign of humility. I pray everyday to be grateful, and not keep looking for more, more, more. There is more happiness in giving for sure!

    1. I love when you say it is a sign of humility! We want so much thing but we should focus more on what we already have!

  2. Great article! Thank you for sharing.

    Sadly the art of gratitude is dying, but thankfully there are so many books, journals and apps available out there that can help people to express their gratitude (turning it into a habit that comes naturally). Maybe not so many books on manners and etiquette (which are both equally important).

    The great thing about expressing gratitude is that you discover that there’s actually a lot to be thankful for (and become a happier and more content person for doing so)… a simple act of kindness can go a long way!

  3. Great post and it is so important that as we teach our kids to be grateful and show it, we re-learn and practice the same ourselves. Thanks for penning this down and reminding all of us to say “Thank You”

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