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Let’s Celebrate What Makes Us Unique

Autism Awareness Day celebrate be unique

We celebrate everything we can!  Being alive is a wonderful gift and let’s make the most of it and remember as often as we can how lucky we are.

Too often we focus and what is going badly in our life.  When our first child was about to be welcomed in this world, my husband and I decided we would make the most of it.  Our family would have its own rituals and celebrations.  Let’s celebrate our milestones and such more!


Choosing  A Costume For Halloween


We do celebrate Halloween, Easter and Christmas.  Yes they are part of our traditions and who we are, but we always add a special something to make them GREAT.  And we absolutly LOVE to make the most of each special day.

Let’s celebrate Halloween – Two of my little Minions with their Minion’s pumpkins

Every Halloween, for like the last two years, we came up with a family-theme costume: first the Minions, then Batman-Batgirl-Catwoman.

We all dressed up according to our theme when we go trick-or-treating together.  When at school or day care, the kids can dress as they wish.  We did not ask our kids to do the theme-costumes-idea, they asked us to do this with them.

Minions theme:  I knitted, for hours, Minions’ hats for each one of us.

Even our pumpkins are carved according to our theme!!!

I am telling you we LIKE costume-party celebrations!

Picking Up A Christmas Tree


We do the same with Christmas.  Last Christmas we decided to buy a Christams tree and place it on our car rooftop like they do in Christmas movies.  We drove more than 1200 miles with it on the top.  It was so funny and we were all so excited to pur our ornements in it at the end.  Most beautiful Christmas tree ever. Our pride!

Let’s celebrate Christmas – Driving across the country with our Christmas tree

When we do our children’s birthday party, the invitation cards, the cake, the card, and sometimes even the gift, stay in the theme.  It is our way to make it extra-special.

So if I am telling that we celebrate each of our kids half-birthday you wouldn’t be surprised.  And we do.  No special theme or anything.  Just a cake with candles on it, a birthday song, a picture and a excuse to bake a cake on a week night! And the most important, a child so happy to have reached the half-year milstone.  Priceless!


Everyday can be a celebration day

We also celebrate new job opportunities, the beginning of our vacations, the end of our vacations, the thaw, the beginning of the week-end, our cat’s birthday.  I am telling you, absolutely any event is an excuse to eat a special dessert and eat something special all together.  And with the years, we realized it is really our family special and unique tradition and it bounds us together so much.  We are always looking for some new event to celebrate.

The world in blue

This year, the autism awareness month was more huge then ever before.  All around the world, buildings got illuminated in blue light on the official Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd.  It is like the whole planet has finally recognised that the condition exists and that each and everyone of us decided to get united to let the world know we care.

There is the get-dressed-in-blue day at the day care.  And as usual, my kids were ecstatic about it.  The little ones were so proud to have a day to publicly honored their big sister.  And I was really proud about the whole situation.

So Autism Awareness Day will be another day we will celebrate throughout our year, cause having Austism (or Asperger’s in our case), is nothing to be ashamed of.  It is one of life mysterious way to let you know you are special and than you can see, hear and accomplish what other people can’t.


And you, what are you celebrating today?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate What Makes Us Unique

  1. You are very write every event is cause for celebration .We just try this too at our home .
    Loved the post

    1. It is so fun celebrating with the kids!!!

  2. Such a great idea to celebrate the little things! Especially with all the negativity going on in the world right now. Pinned for later reference, thanks!

    1. Thank you! You’re so nice! So ugly things all around. I prefer the joy of little things!

  3. I so important to teach our kids to be happy always, my daughter loves expending time with the family 🙂

    1. Yes absolutely! My kids love it too!

  4. I absolutely agree that every little event in our lives is worth celebrating. I love celebrating with my family!

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