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Why I Choose Beautycounter Above Any Other Brands


Beautycounter knows my family’s health is what is most important to me.

It is complicated being a consumer nowadays.  You never know if you can trust the food you eat, the clothes your wear or the personal products you use.  To reduce production costs, clothes are made in questionable factories underpaying their staff;  food is full of GMOs and additives.  Even fresh fruits and veggies cannot always be trusted, say hello to GMOs (again) and pesticides.  What about hygiene products, cosmetics and cleaning products?  Their ingredients cannot be trusted either.  That’s a whole different story with Beautycounter.

Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate post; this is a post I chose to do on my own concerning a subject I greatly care about.Beautycounter

No Worries, I Am Buying Natural Products

Beautycounter certification B corporation
We are a certified B Corporation. The B stands for “benefit,” and it means that, unlike the traditional corporate structure, we will consider people, planet, and profits equally. We use the power of business to help to solve social and environmental problems by voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance. – From Beautycounter website

Are you really?

I used to pay more for shampoos, soaps, or food for my kids.  It was written “all natural”, “made from natural ingredients” or “safe choice” on their bottles.  But someday I realized this was just marketing.  A couple of years ago, I read an article about toxic ingredients found in most products we are consuming or using.  Then I looked at the ingredients list on products all over my house and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Nothing was natural in those products.  The companies are selling them at a higher price misleading consumers to believe they are buying safer choices.  All those PEG, fragrance and sodium laureth sulfate are everywhere in personal hygiene products.  Shampoos, lotions, moisturizers and the list goes on.


Cosmetics Chemicals To Avoid

There are many chemicals we should stop using.  A couple of years ago, Bisphenol A (BPA) was removed from food or beverages containers plastic.  It was a great step in improving our risk at being contaminated without knowing it.  Formaldehyde is another chemical we were educated about almost 20 years ago but that is still used these days.  What about all the other chemicals?  I am telling you, the list is so long I do not even know where I should start.

One thing you should remember is: if you can’t name an ingredient easily, usually it is not an ingredient you should use!  That’s always the trick when comparing two different products I am using.

Chemicals are bad for many reasons.  They can trigger allergies, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, cancers, eczema, asthma or so much more.  But you also have to remember that not everything that comes from nature is good for you; and every molecule created from a lab is bad.

What Is Inside Your Cabinets?

beautycounter sugar body scrub baby oilOpen your bathroom cabinets.  Look at the labels.  From what I just told you, are you scare?  Are you wondering if what you are using in your everyday life is safe for you or your children?  Take a look at David Suzuki Foundation’s Dirty Dozen list.  This is a great place to start when looking for chemicals you should always avoid.

When shopping, as mentioned in other posts, I like to use the Think Dirty app.  You download it on your phone and than you just scan the products you are about to buy and see how safe they are or substitute products you can use instead.  It gives you a safe score on 10.  1 being the safest.

If you are on your computer, you can also go to EWG’s Skin Deep website.  There, you will find safe scores for everything from oral care, to cosmetics, to baby products.

How Beautycounter Is Different?

Beautycounter is a fairly new cosmetics enterprise.  It was founded a couple years ago with the mission to get safer products in everybody’s hand.  Is it what we should all be aiming for?  You’ll find this mission on their website and other useful information if you follow this link.  Gregg Renfrew, the founder, realized, as we all do, that the products she used on herself and her children were not regulated by laws forbidding the use of chemicals in their conception.  Does it talk to you? I hope so.

Does Beautycounter Products Are Good?

Beautycounter certification carbon free
Beautycounter is a CarbonFree® Partner of We offset our carbon footprint from our office energy and paper use, travel, manufacturing, and shipping. We share a common goal of fighting climate change and being part of the solution toward a clean-energy, low-carbon future. – From Beautycounter website

I tested for you Beautycounter products for several months.  To sum up, I tested the kids line, the rejuvenating line, the baby oil, the bronzer, the blush, the lipstick, the face scrub, the foundation, the charcoal mask, and so on.  You can even read some of my reviews here, here, and there.

I can testify that I absolutely love all of the Beautycounter products I tested.  Disclaimer: None of those Beautycounter products were sent to me for review purpose.  I bought each and every one of them with my own money.

The product are great, the makeup lasts all day.  Since all products are made of really concentrated ingredients, they last longer than regular brands because you do not have to use a big amount of those.  And no, here, water is not the main ingredient.  Their creams are not filled with water as almost every other cosmetic brands on the market.  I am telling you, look at the labels of products you use daily!  In fact, I started using my eye cream months ago and it looks like I just opened it yesterday.

Thinking about joigning the Beautycounter movement? Click here or contact me below.

Becoming A Consultant

I didn’t just fell in love with Beautycounter products, I fell in love with the company mission and how it helps making the world a better place, for us and for our children.

You want more information, click through here.

To be a consultant, a hostess or a member contact me via email, and I’ll explain to you how you can even have credit while shopping, get free products and even earn a wage from it.

Why I Am Choosing A Safer Way Of Consuming?

You know by now that my children have ADHD or Asperger’s.  I see doctors, lots of them.  The other day I had an appointment with one who explained us she would do a blood test to reveal if some food should be eliminated from my children diets in order to reduce some side effects from their condition.  Some food colorants or food groups can be avoided and it helps regulating their body response to stress or anger, for example.  If it works with what is eaten, then it works with what is applied to our skin daily.  It is my responsibility to do this with chemicals that we can easily avoid.  I feel like it is my mother’s duty!

How Much Does It Cost To Switch for Safer Products?

Usually, safer products tend to be a little more expensive than regular brands.  Why?  Because less people buy them, but also because they use quality ingredients (If you buy apples at the grocery store or if you buy apples in a organic supermarket you’ll pay a greater price for the organic ones).  Most people do not know about the safety concerns of the products they use.  Switching can also be scary for your wallet.  The best way to do this is by switching gradually.  Your moisturizer is empty, then buy a safer one to replace it.  So you replace one product at a time.  By going slowly, making safer choices will become a habit and you will also start to notice all the great changes going healthier make.

Maybe your eczema will all be gone (it did that for my own kids and we had been struggling with that for years, trying everything doctor recommended or available on the market); or you acne will diminish.  Maybe your asthma will be less intense or your skin will be more luminous.  The important thing is that you will feel safer and you will feel like you are doing the best thing for your family too.

When Should I Start Consuming Better?

beautycounter foundation tint skin touch up concealer penIf you are wondering when your should start consuming safer products, the answer is NOW, or as soon as possible.  But if you are not ready yet or do not feel like you have to, maybe you should consider it for your children or when you are think about getting pregnant.

All things considered, there are chemicals that we can hardly, or absolutely can’t, removed from our environment.  Think about the air we breath.  Needless to say, it is a good example of that.  But we can all make safer choices.  And we also should make the changes we can make.  Educating people around you is the best way to spread the word.  People need to know what they consume.   In fact, the more we will all be educated about that, the more the companies are going to feel obligated to disclose their ingredients or to find ways of improving their products.

Is ADHD or autism are caused by what we eat?  No. Absolutely not. I really don’t think so.  There is a genetic and hereditary factor associated to it.  But, on the other hand, reducing the chemicals that enter your body daily can help improve the side effects of these conditions.  And above all, it will help your health and the one of your family.

It Is All About Making Smart Choices

Now, if you are ready to switch to Beautycounter, click here and I’ll be glad to help you be part of this awesome movement and discover a really great company.

Finally, I want you to remember that you should never trust the word “natural” when looking at a packaging.  Always refer to the ingredients list.  In the long run, that’s where you will find the truth about what is inside.

And if you feel like making a change in your household please contact me!  I will assist you all the way through.



















Shop my favorite Beautycounter products*

Charcoal Face Mask – No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask (the face mask you won’t be able to live without)

Rejuvenating Collection (including the Rejuvenating Face Cleanser, Rejuvenating Toner Pads, Radiance Firming Serum, Rejuvenating Day Cream, Rejuvenating Night Cream and Rejuvenating Eye Cream  – Can be bought as a kit or individually)

Tint Skin foundation (a sheer foundation that covers your imperfection, illuminates your skin and hold throughout the day, even when you workout!)

Kidscounter Bath Collection (including Squeaky Clean Body Wash, Nice Do Shampoo and Not a Knot Conditioner)

Baby oil (good for sensitive baby skin, moisturising the whole family skin or to remove mascara and liptsick)

Hand Cream in Citrus Mimosa (I have never been able to use hand cream before discovering this one.  Usually, I hate when my hands feel sticky or oily afterwards.  But with this hand cream, it feels like you just didn’t use any, but your hands feel so soft immediately.  And it smells so good!  You can even get it in a pump bottle or in a set with the Hand Wash)

* Make sure you choose the right country (Us or Canada) on the upper right corner to have the prices in the currency of your country.

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  1. Great info thank you!!!

  2. That hand cream sounds heavenly! I love Citrus scents…

    1. It is really worth a try!

  3. Great post! It is so important to know what you are not only putting in your body, but what we are putting on our body! I love BeautyCounter and all that is about ❤️ You are doing a great job momma! I taught a child with Aspergers and my son is on the autism spectrum. I know it can make things tough…but those special times when things aren’t tough are the best!

    1. Thank you Clair! Your message is going straight to my heart! I am thinking of you too because being an autism mom is so hard sometimes. But you are right there are moments when everything is just awesome! Always good to know we are not alone in this! ?

  4. I haven’t heard of Beauty counter before, but I’ve heard of and like a few other brands. This seems like a really great company with some good products. I love that you included a list of your favorite products.

    1. Thank you! Their products are great but it is beyond that that this company is different from any other one. They really do something to change the laws and make us use products safer than ever.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. Selecting a beauty counter is such a hard decision at times.

    1. Thank you! It is really dear to me!

  6. I loved reading the post. Never heard of beauty counter. You have explained it very well thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. I’ve not heard of this brand before, I will have to keep and eye out for them.

  8. This is so scary as nothing is safe.. Beauty counter definitely stands apart from the others

    1. Yes it is! It is definitely worth a try!

  9. What an awesome post and I love to read more about this glad that you share this informative post

    1. Thank you! It is dear to me since it has a direct impact on my family!

  10. Great information. I recently learned about all of the horrible chemicals in many ‘natural’ products and have been replacing everything slowly.

    1. Darlene, if you ever want try Beautycounter or get samples let me know! I’ll be glad to help you switching to safer products!

  11. Good to know information! The scales should be balanced when it comes to what goes in and on our bodies. High five to the awesome moments we share with our kiddos! They always outweigh the challenges!

    1. Thank you Kanani! I love you balance expression! Yes kids are the best and those moments when everything goes well at so worth it.

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