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Sleeping Deeply – The Ultimate Recipe I got from Tim Ferriss

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Everyone who is busy (or has young children) nowaday needs to sleep better and more deeply.

We cannot always go to bed before 10pm.

But we all need to wake up fresh and ready to start our fully loaded schedule!

In my case, the quality time I can spend with my husband on a daily basis is from 8 pm to 10 pm.  Right after the kids are (finally!) in bed!

Sometimes we are so tired, but we take the time to be together, whether it is watching a movie, having a late dinner or looking at our future projects.  We tend to avoid doing the dishes or other chores during this lap of time.  Just us having a good time, waiting for the kids to get asleep.

Why Tim Ferriss

I have been reading The 4-Hours Workweek lately and I kind of fell in love with Tim Ferriss and his way of thinking and doing things.  He gets a great amount of things done in a short period of time, and/or while being abroad, trying to be the most efficient, every time. Impressive!

I then started to listening to some podcasts he is featured in.  The one I listened last week while doing some sooo entertaining treadmills was Talking with the Titans: A visit with Tim Ferriss reveals the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers, where he is interviewed by Tony Robbins.  Anyway you should listen to this because it is really interesting and in my case, it is like a personal motivation speech.  When I am feeling blue, listening to super positive people, who had down times of their own but by-passed it, is always refreshing and liberating.  You feel less alone and you also feel like there is always some better times coming up.

I mentally took note of many things he said during this one-hour-or-so podcast, but there was one thing I decided to try out the same night: the better sleep recipe!

No drug needed

Having Aspergers and ADHD children, I am very well aware about delayed sleep, lack of sleep or poor sleep patterns.  Which ever time my kids go to bed, they are not able to fall asleep quickly.  Somedays it can take hours.  My Aspergers daughter was so tired on school day two years ago that we tried many things to help her sleep better and quicker.  Nothing worked.  Or if it worked, it stopped once she got used to it, a.k.a. after a week or so.

We tried meditation, controlled breathing, melatonin, sunset mimicking bed lamp, no screens after 5 pm, a relaxing bath, and all the other things we could think of (or the specialists told us about).  The doctor told us one day we should try some low dosage drug that could help her get to sleep within the hour.  We tried it.  It worked.  My daughter was so relieved and rested that we decided to continue using it as long as she would not be able to sleep by herself.

Sometimes, when she was younger, in the middle of the night, she woke up and quietly, she was playing dress-up or drawing in her closet.  Or she would be downstairs eating all the snacks she could or watching TV.  Everything in the house was kid’s proof but nothing could stop her.  It is always the case today.  Need to have ten pairs of eyes!

Since the recipe Tim Ferriss talks about involves no drug at all, I was ten times more curious about trying it myself.

The test

I have been using a smart watch for the last few months and it is monitoring my daily activities but also my sleep.  You can read my review about the Garmin Vivosmart here.  I noticed that my sleep pattern was not optimal.  My deep sleep versus my light sleep was really low.  Whatever I was doing to improve it did not work.  It was always about a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4.  I was getting to bed tired; slept for 8 to 9 hours; and then woke-up, still feeling tired.  Not good for a mom of 4 who needs all the sleep she can get.  I even tried melatonin but it did not change my bad ratio of sleep.

I, then tested for a first night, the recipe Tim ferriss talks about in the podcast.  The next morning I felt less tired.  I thought maybe it was my mind playing me tricks.  So I looked at my Garmin Connect app.  It was unbelievable: my deep sleep versus my light sleep ratio was really impressive.  It was about 3:4.  Almost equal.  I could not believe it.  So I tried it again the next day before bed time: same result! I did it for a couple of nights in a row just to see if my body would get used to it: no, it didn’t. Wow, good news! I then decided to stop for a night.  The old sleep pattern came back.  And, then, the next night I took the bedtime recipe once again.  Next morning: same great results as before.

So I am telling you, Tim Ferriss did not lie.  The recipe he talks about, and for which he says a lot of his followers swear by, works!

What is it?

It is super easy to make and you probably already have in your kitchen everything you need.

  • 2 Tbsp of Apple cider vinegar (with the mother);
  • 1 Tbsp of raw honey;
  • Hot water.

You put everything in a mug, you mix it up and you drink it before going to bed.  Easy, as simple as that, and, last but not the least, super effective!

I have been trying to get my kids to drink it but they don’t like the smell of apple cider vinegar.  Too bad!  I’ll keep trying. Maybe one day we will be able to get rid of those sleeping drugs and my children could finally get healthy sleeping patterns with this natural and easy recipe.

Good night y’all!



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