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Let’s Watch Prison Break: Resurrection

Prison break

Prison Break is one of the most surprising TV show from the last decade.  Is it long-expected return on TV worth it?

I started watching Prison Break when it first came to Netflix.  I knew the series but I couldn’t watch it at the time.  As soon as I started watching it I immediately fell in love with the storyline, the characters and the whole thing.

The First Seasons Of Prison Break

The first season was the best of them all.  Intriguing, addictive and different of every shows ever done before, me and my husband could not put the remote down.  We had to pre determine the number of episodes we would watch each night we had time to sat down in order to avoid sleepless nights.

The second, third and fourth seasons were good too but not as good as the first one.  We already

Michael Scofield Wentworth Miller Prison Break
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield in Prison Break

knew the concept and the storyline, but anyway it was captivating as always.

When it ended, it left us with some sort of question mark.  The creators even added, at the end of season 4, a bonus episode to kind of explain what we could not figure from the series finale.

The Return Of Prison Break

Eight years later, Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Sara, Sucre and T-Bag are back on our screens in an all new Prison break sequel (or season 5 as people are naming it).  Was the hiatus worth it?  Is Prison Break has lost his magical touch?

No! Absolutely not!  We knew that if it was going to be as good as it was, we would live in hell waiting for the next episode, weeks after weeks.  So we decided to record every episodes of the new season and watch them one after the other.  We did it in a matter of a week (after all, it only counts nine episodes!).

The story was mysterious and addictive as ever.  Even if they let us think some characters were dead in the pasts seasons, they brought them back in a very clever way, as always, so we quickly do overcome this part of the story.  All we do, as a matter of fact, is being sucked in the story wondering how our beloved characters will get through the story alive, again.

It seems like the actors did not age.  Except for Wentworth Miller hair which have a touch of grey, they almost all look like they did years ago.

Watching Prison Break: Resurrection Brings Some Nostalgia

Prison Break: Resurrection
A scene from Prison Break: Resurrection

As I was watching Prison Break: Resurrection I felt some nostalgia.  I missed the show.  I remembered how good it was and how fun it was watching it.  The nine episodes go by too fast.  As soon I you start watching it, it seems like it is already over.  But the good news is that it ends with a closure this time.  Nothing is left out, you do not feel like the ending is still pending.

You will read bad reviews about the sequel but they are always people to criticize anything and everything.  I am telling you, it you want to watch a good show which mix a bit of action, thriller, romance and suspense, go for it.

And in case you missed it, just remember you should be able to watch it on Netflix or you can get it on iTunes.  In the mid-time, you can re-watch the previous seasons.




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