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Let Me Take A Shower! ALONE, Please!

Motherhood shower time

The perk of being a mother is that you never feel alone!  You always have company.  Even in the most private sessions of your life!  I’m telling you: always be prepared to expect some company wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

You’re on the toilet, someone needs to talk to you NOW.  But not through the door; face-to-face, as close as possible.  And it is never an important matter.  And those inevitable always-the-same questions then popped one after the other: do mom poops too? can I get you a tampon? (btw whatever your answer is for this one, they have already started unwrapping one of those!!!).  And I did not even mention the more personal body-related subject they question you about… And there comes shower time!

A Mother Never Takes A Shower By Herself

But the worst is shower time.  You lock the door, they unlock it; you try to go, as subtil as you can – almost as a super secret service ninja-spy – when they are all so busy somewhere else, but it is a complete failure for sure.  I’m telling you it never works. Sadly, it never ever works.  They always come banging at the shower door or lifting the shower curtain.  Even when you think they are finally asleep at night and that you can go in the shower all by yourself, they are suddenly up asking to have another kiss and hug, another glass of water, or asking you unrelated questions about nothing specific.  It is like a curse.  A mother never takes a relaxing shower by herself.

Multitasking In The Shower

Like a super athlete, a mom does all kind of tasks too while in the shower.  I am not talking about shower-related tasks, but instead about family and kids-related tasks.  Can you zip my dress? My hair is messy, can you comb it? Mom, there is someone on the phone for daddy! Can I take another piece of cake? I can’t find my red shoes, have you seen it? Have you seen my glasses? Is there more milk in the fridge because little brother drank it all? Can you unlock your iPhone? What is the wifi code of the day? Is there a soccer practice next Tuesday? Mom, my big sister stole my necklace! Dad does not understand how to make a proper poney tail, please fix it now? Is that really 1/4 cup of butter?  And they ask you to look at them when you have soap all over your face and you can not open your eyes!


Daddy Can Relax By Himself

And all those questions and answers can never wait.  They all need your answers and full and complete participation RIGHT NOW.  Absolutely.  Necessarily. No discussion possible.  It is like they only have one parent that can help them with this stuff at that time.  I often remember my kids that their dad is somewhere in the house and that he is a responsible parent and adult and that HE also can help them.  But each time, they come to me.  When I am not in the shower, even if they relate on me more, they tend to split their questions between both parents.  But not during shower time.  The other day my 5-year-old asked me if I could stop the shower an instant so that he could call his friend to invite him over.  The shower what too noisy!

What about when dad is in the shower?  Nobody.  I repeat. Nobody is bothering him.  Never.  He can have a by-himself moment and nobody has urging questions or inquiries for him.


If you don’t have kids or they are under 2 years old, wait, you’ll see, no mom can break this spell.  You’ll be warned.


For more, read this post from Momstatic, it is all about what we, mothers, think about while in the shower!

4 thoughts on “Let Me Take A Shower! ALONE, Please!

  1. We don’t have kids yet, so I guess I better enjoy my quiet, alone shower time while I can! One of our dogs barks and swings his toy angrily when someone gets in the shower. As soon as he hears the shower curtain close and water turn on he loses it. At least he can’t open the door himself!

    1. LOL! You dog is so smart! Maybe it is just a good practice for when you’re gonna have kids! I am telling you they always need you RIGHT NOW when you are in the shower!!

  2. ha ha. This is so true. There was a time when I could not go pee without being pestered. Now, I am able to lock the restroom, while answering the banging on the door for unrelated questions , which could wait if the little people of the house had any patience ! Grrrrr

    1. I do lock the door but they are banging the whole time lol. At least we all go through the same thing! It is like when you are on the phone! They cry, they shout at each other, they squabble and it feels like you live in the jungle lol

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