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Palm Beach County – A Day With Your Family

If you had one day to spend in Palm Beach County in Florida with your family, what would you do?

We have four young kids and we absolutely love to travel and visit new places.  But we also like our usual places where we feel like home (or when we are actually at home).  When we want to get our sunshine fix, that’s in Florida, most of the time, that we find it.  We really love the whole Palm Beach county area where there is so much to do when your have kids (or not).

Free Attractions in Palm Beach County

drive-through safari, giraffe, Lion Country Safari
Drive-through safari at Lion Country Safari

Around Palm Beach, there are a lot of places you can go with your children.  There are many free attractions and paying attractions.  Let’s start with the free ones.

The Beaches

The most popular free attraction down there, the one tourists are looking for: the beach, running from Boca Raton to Jupiter.  Florida has lots of beautiful beaches with a clear blue water.  Our favorites in Palm Beach county are those located at Boyton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth Beach and Riviera Beach.

City Place and Downtown At The Garden

city place, west palm beach
City Place at West Palm Beach, Fl.

Another fun place to go with your family is City Place.  City Place is a mix of shopping and dining ventures where you can also find a gym.  Popular enterprises such as Macy’s, Sephora, Cheesecake Factory and Victoria Secret can all be find there.  There is a movie theater, bars and many events through the year and an open air music venue.  During he holiday seasons, palm trees all around the main place are making fake snow.  Such an amazing show when eating with the kids on one of their terraces.  A giant Christmas tree in the middle of the place and a little train for the youngest.  Another similar place you can go to is Downtown At The Garden.  There you will find things like the Downtown Carousel, a outside merry-go-round.


On the free side, you also have many trails.  They are free and kids love those.  It feels like a little adventure and you never know what kind of animals you will see (mine are always looking for alligators!).  Among our favorite there are the SWA Greenway Trail System South Entrance, the Winding Waters Natural Area and the Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

Clematis and Flager Streets

Another place we like to go is the whole Clematis and Flager Street zone.  A lot of activities are going on there all year long such as the farmer market, Clematis by Night (outside music venue with food and fountains for the kids to play in).  Perfect time and place to make a picnic with your children while dancing and having a great time.  In December, there is a giant Christmas tree, named Sandy, made of sand, Christmas music playing with a light show, and many activities such as a mini-golf.

Many Other Free Activities in Palm Beach County

  • Historical Society of Palm Beach County (a museum about how Palm Beach county became what it is today);

  • The Lake Trail along the Intracoastal Waterways;
  • Okeeheelee Park located at the corner of Forest Hills and Florida Turnpike where you can find a BMX track, a dog park, 8-mile walking paths, a mountain bike trail, a playground, a fishing pier, a picnic area and so much more.

Paying Attractions In Palm Beach County

Here is a list of family activities you can find in Palm Beach county.  These are paying attractions, but before going there, look on the Internet, you may find coupons that will make you save money (and sometimes it can be up to the half of the admission price!).

drive-through safari, Lion Country Safari, flamingo
Looking at those pink flamingoes at Lion Country Safari
  • Rapids Water Park – located on Military Trail, just North of the 45th in West Palm Beach;
  • Lion Country Safari, a drive-through safari park that also a walk-through safari, a waterplayground, two waterslides, a boat ride and a petting zoo.  All attractions are included, even the merry-go-round or the mini-golf, with your admission price, so no negotiation with your kids about what they can and can not do;
  • Palm Beach Zoo, a great zoo to visit with your children where you will encounter Malayan tigers, Spider monkeys, koalas, panthers, black bears amongst others.
  • John D. MacArthur Beach State Park – for a small parking fee you can enjoy the beach, the walking nature trails and launch or rent kayaks;
  • South Florida Science Center and Aquarium – a 10,000 gallon aquarium, an 18-hole mini-golf (where butterflies and babbling brooks are all around while you play), a 61-seat theater planetarium, and so much more.

Much More Than Just Miami And Disney World

In Florida the wildlife is amazing, the sun is always there, the beaches are beautiful. There is so much this state has to offer.  It is a state like no other and a perfect family destination or place to live.

South Florida is best known for its Miami-Dale area but just North of that there is so much to do and discover.  The whole family will love all there is to see!


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  1. Good to know that there’s more to do in Florida than just indeed Miami shoppingsmalls and Disney.
    Thanks for these tips.

    1. Yes there are so much more to see and visit!!

  2. This is such an exhaustive list of all the kids would love to do. Trails are fun too. Including the free and paid options was very thoughtful of you

    1. Thank you! Such a great place to go for family activities!

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